I'm that loud girl in the party that annoys everyone around her but you still laugh cuz all the good energy is generating from me. actually, i never go to parties anymore. I'm tired from going so hard at such a young age. Born and raised Angelina who moved to Miami to try and figure life out and it actually happened! I graduated from the Miami Art Institute cum laude. I had no idea what cum laude was. I moved to NYC with my Fashion Merchandising degree, slept on a couch for a few months, got a job, kept that job and then left NY to move back home. Did anyone say 'full circle'? I'm single AF, been single AF forever and am over it. I have no idea how to be in a relationship but maybe talking about how I have no idea will help me to find someone. Who the fuck knows. I'm just having a good time doing this and ain't gonna stop any time soon.